night after in red lightning against a black background


Story of the band

Night After consists of four dudes who embarked on a musical journey together with one goal in mind - making good music. 

The band was formed in the middle of a polar night in late 2021. While the sun did not rise for months in their hometown of Oulu, Finland, they began working on what became the experimental pop mixtape "Romanticized Heartaches". 

Afterwards, the band transformed its sound into what can be heard on their newest single "SAVE YOUR TEARS". Today, Night After stands out with their larger-than-life sound, massive production, and irresistible melodies. The fresh face in the Finnish rock scene mixes the heavy beats of modern rock with their signature heart-on-sleeve lyrics and pop-influenced hooks. 

Driven by the desire to create something meaningful, the band has evolved into a genre-defying group that hits hard both sonically and emotionally.